Is replacing the Toyota Caldina’s engine impossible? I beg to differ…

After fixing the overheating, problem in my Toyota Caldina’s D4 engine, fuel consumption went from an average of 10-11km/l to an average of 7-8km/l. I would now like to replace the engine with a new 1.8 engine from a Toyota Caldina or Premio. My mechanic says that this change is not possible because the gearbox […]

To ensure road safety, impound culprits’ cars

So, fuel prices have gone down over the past few days, and by a sizeable percentage. From highs of Sh120, premium is currently hitting lows of Sh90. That is an approximate 25 per cent decrease limit-to-limit, 20 per cent from some quarters. With reduced pump prices come euphoria and the re-discovery of hitherto disregarded and/or […]

Can I get a Mustang?

Hi? I am a budding car enthusiast and recently I stumbled upon your column in the papers. I am thinking of getting myself a Ford Mustang. Please advise me on availability of the make locally, fuel consumption, spares availability and its off-road capabilities, if any. Finally, what is the range of its price range locally […]