The Merc 180’s main problem is the battery and wiper motor

I recently bought a ’99 Mercedes Benz C180 (? 202). Having driven other cars, namely, Toyota, Daihatsu Rocky and Honda, I must say this car is a different thing all together. The engine delivers real power effortlessly, the handling is very smooth and the fear of excessive consumption, I discovered, is unfounded because its consumption […]

For town service, the Premio will edge out the Noah

Hello Baraza, Thank you for the good work; it is educating. I intend to buy a vehicle for an airport transfers contract and I am eyeing a Toyota Premio (1800cc), a Toyota Voxy, and a Toyota Noah, all 2005 or 2006 models. From my research, I am likely to get both the Voxy and Noah […]

Power is nothing without control: My near-death experience at the wheel

Last Thursday, I found myself behind the wheel of a slightly aging Toyota Corona 1.8. Now, there is nothing as unnerving as finding oneself at the receiving end of one’s own nuggets of wisdom (and advice), but what happened is what happened. So, what exactly happened? That particular car had lived a rather hard life, […]