The Tiggo will have criminals ‘shivering’ with laughter

Hi Baraza, What is your take on the Kenyan government supplying police officers and provincial administration with the Cherry Tiggo cars? Are the cars the best they can use, considering that countries like the US use patrol cars that cannot be sold to the public, such as the Ford Victoria Crown and Dodge? Is there […]

A Subaru should not turn you into a revving idiot

Hi Baraza, Thank you for the informative articles on motoring. I would like you to clarify something about Subarus. Are they the strongest and most powerful cars around? I am saying this because all the people I have come across driving Subarus are big-headed and arrogant on the road. They go to the extreme of […]

The Vista is Toyota’s answer to luxurious Cadillac saloon

At first glance, the Vista saloon looks like a hurried design job, with its short bonnet and stubby boot flanking a passenger cell gift-wrapped in an acre of glass and sheet metal, but the looks tend to grow on you. The navy blue that our unwitting test vehicle came in does justice to its lines, […]