Mazda CX-7 vs Toyota Fortuner

Hi Baraza,

I am in a dilemma as to which car is preferable for me between the Mazda CX-7 and Toyota Fortuner. Please advise me bearing in mind the initial cost, maintenance, fuel consumption and availability of spare parts.

The Mazda looks unique and stylish, but is it as reliable and durable as the Fortuner?



All your criteria favour the Fortuner. However, the CX-7 is a lot more comfortable and better to drive, plus that turbo engine pushes the Mazda like an aircraft. I have seen one or two around.

With time, and given the increasing popularity of Mazda vehicles, issues like spare parts (which directly affect maintenance) will no longer be a bother. The initial cost is also not too bad (the other option is a fully-fledged SUV anyway) but consumption may be a pinch if you make the turbo puff hard. And you most likely will, the CX-7 is not designed to be driven at low-rev, low-speed economy runs.



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