Total Quartz Ladies' Might


Kshs 1500

The Motoring Press Agency presents

Total Quartz Ladies’ Might

The first conference is on 13th March 2021 and the second is on 20th March 2020. 

Both are happening at Simba Corp, Aspire Center, Westlands.

Please choose your preferred day below and then proceed to pay as well as fill in attendance details.

Hello everyone and a Happy International Women’s Day to you all

The day is finally upon us: International Women’s Day.

Also, Training Day.

A while back, our dear leader Baraza JM promised his lady followers an empowerment program following certain trends and patterns that we had noticed. It has been a long time coming, but the promise is going to be kept, and the timing could not be more fortuitous. Allow us to introduce the second chapter of the Motoring Press Agency Experience. Allow us to introduce MPA’s inaugural women’s training program. Allow us to show the ladies some love.

Allow us to introduce Ladies’ Might.

noun: might

    great and impressive power or strength, especially of a nation, large organization, or natural force.

Women are a natural force, and are in possession of great strength, ann we here at the Motoring Press Agency would like to accord them even more avenues of channeling that strength. We want to empower them, and we want to remove whatever stumbling blocks stand between them and greatness.

We want to impart knowledge.

Ladies’ Might is a play on the popular culture tune “Ladies’ Night”, and the not-a-pun is two-pronged. “Might” means great strength and we want to tap into this strength. “Might” is also the past tense of “may” which expresses possibility, and the possibilities for the fair ones are endless, if only we enable them.

Well, the Motoring Press Agency is an enabler; in fact we have a department specifically for that purpose. Ladies Might: Ladies’ strength and ladies can and will.

Without philosophising too much, here is a quick rundown of what we have in mind. We will be holding an automotive seminar specifically aimed at women over the next two weekends, on March 13th and March 20th. The curriculum is custom made based on feedback we received in our 94,000-strong forum where we asked the female membership what they’d like to learn from us.

We have trainers for this curriculum, we have a lovely venue – the Aspire Center in Westlands – thanks to our benefactors, Simba Corp, we have everything in place. All we need now is you, ladies.

There is a cost to this, though: KES 3000. Pay this fee via M-Pesa to our till number 5151021, as it covers catering, stationery and training on 10 topics chosen by you, our guests.

You won’t have to attend both sessions. The two dates are in cognizance of the fact that some of you may have engagements but would still like to attend. When registering, choose which of the two weekends is ideal for you. The registration is done here:

To the men out there, here is a challenge. How about we empower the women in our lives? We have wives, girlfriends, sisters, mums, daughters, cousins, associates, colleagues, besties and now that we are talking workshops, clients as well. For too long the fair ones have been taken advantage of in matters motoring, we want to “chanua” them to end this scourge by passing information and knowledge to them. They have might, and they might end up being the driving force (pun intended) in the industry. Here at the Motoring Press Agency, we have women as directors and as heads of department, and look where we are. At the top and still climbing. Ladies Might!

Enough talk. We’ll be giving daily updates as the event date draws closer, but for now, please register (women only attendance) and let’s get this training started!

Oh, yes, it’s Ladies’ Might
And the feeling’s right
Oh, yes, it’s Ladies’ Might
Oh, what a might (oh, what a might)