Land Rover: The end of an era… or is it?

The Land Rover Defender is dead. Long live the Land Rover Defender; as it should anyway, because it is not actually dead. It is just that after 68 years of production, the vehicle model is receiving its first full bumper-to-bumper update. The Indian-owned British manufacturer last week announced the production of the two-millionth Land Rover […]

Mazda offers a bit of sportiness with the CX-5 crossover

Mazda is somewhat of the everyman’s BMW. The small Japanese company’s trophy case is stuffed with awards, its design language is passionate, and there is a dollop of the magical Miata in every car’s driving dynamic. And that is true even in the five-passenger CX-5 crossover. Just one letter away from the MX-5 (Miata is […]

The New Toyota Hilux, Ford Figo, and missed chances

ALL-NEW TOYOTA HILUX Anyone remember Arnold Schwarzenegger snarling “I’ll pee pack!” in the early Terminator movies? No? Oh, well… anyway, the Toyota Hilux might as well be the T-800 CSM Model 101, because it is back for the eighth generation; meaner, slicker and even more Invincible (pun intended) than before. The world’s favourite commercial vehicle […]