“All About The Benz-amins, Baby”

Mercedes-Benz. Effectively the inventors of motoring and emotionless purveyors of conveyances that exude the subtle whiff of wealth and possible control over a standing army, this Teutonic outfit has been big on my radar over the past few days. This is how they did it: Day: Thursday  October 20, 2016 Event: Anniversary TT Venue: TGRV […]

How To Drive Through The Namib In An Isuzu Pickup

“So you say you have done this before, right?” “Sure I have. I have done plenty of off-roading and I have driven in two other deserts besides The Namib. I daresay I am quite good at this and we won’t get stuck” “So why are we not moving?” “Because we are stuck…” Shoot. *                                  *                         […]

Review: The new Isuzu DMAX

There is sand everywhere. Surrounded by sand, sand in my teeth, sand in my throat, sand in my eyes, sand in the air; but most importantly, there is what looks like all the sand in the world under my press demonstrator. I’m not moving, and the sand in the air is the direct result of […]

Ranting Against Motorsports

Last Thursday “members” of the “motorsports fraternity” were “invited” at Nairobi’s go-kart track; not for a race but to air their views as far as motorsports in the country is concerned. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend, even though I am a member of the motorsports fraternity; and with good reason. I spent the afternoon thinking about […]

Bite The Dust! A Volkswagen Road Trip

[Edit: this is the abridged version of my narrative on what was one of the most epic road trips of my life. The complete, unedited version will be availed elsewhere, in a forthcoming book] Owners’ clubs are strange entities; but it depends on what owners’ club we are discussing. Some clubs are inactive. Others are […]

Drama in the auto industry

There is such a thing as overthinking things. I have accused myself of it here before but clearly, I have a long way to go in overthinking if I’m to catch up with the drivetrain engineers over at Rolls-Royce. There is a car called a Rolls-Royce Wraith, and this is how its automatic gearbox works: […]