About Us

The Motoring Press Agency is a dedicated network of motoring writers covering diverse topics such as passenger cars, motorcycles and heavy commercial vehicles.

Headed by Baraza JM, an automotive columnist in Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper for seven straight years, the Agency seeks to

  • Disseminate information: the popularity of the newspaper’s Car Clinic column is testament to the dearth of information among the general driving (and soon to be driven) public
  • Educate the people: that same column clearly indicates the need to educate the masses about the basics of owning and driving a motorized vehicle, irrespective of the number of wheels
  • Entertain the bored: the automotive world is a technical one but that does not necessarily have to be synonymous with dreary or difficult to follow. Contributors such as Mike On A Bike provide a fresh tongue-in-cheek look at the vagaries of two-wheeled travel that will have the reader smiling throughout the entire article.
  • Establish itself as an authority in all industry matters: rather than a standalone entity, the Motoring Press Agency in being a network allows the various contributors the independence to still operate from their various media houses or blogs while simultaneously being a part of an authoritative club of experts and opinion leaders. This is what the tech world calls a ‘disruptive approach’, a new way of solving a problem that is removed from traditional protocols

List Of Current Contributors:

Baraza JM

  • Director & Founder of the Motoring Press Agency
  • Director & Founder of The Great Run
  • Director at Club TT Motorsports
  • Motoring Enthusiast
  • Bus-spotter
  • History Buff
  • Writer and author
  • Consultant

Bill Mike (On A Bike)

  • Motorcycle Enthusiast
  • Blogger at One Man Spanner

Billy (The Other Bill) Namale

  • Bus-spotter
  • Film Producer
  • Loves E30 BMWs