How Was Your Weekend?

How was weekend

This is how the weekend was

Saturday: off-road driving in Land Rover’s finest: a pair of V8 Discoverys, a little Evoque, the rugged Defender and the new Sport. Having done the rest at one point or the other in my motoring writer’s life, the new Sport was the only untested vehicle here, but it did not stay untested for long….

The Sport I was given was the entry level, zero-spec model that costs (cough!) something in the region of 15 million, or slightly more. It had no low-range gearbox so I had to make do with the traction control in sticky situations.

So, can it go off-road? Yes. Do you want to take it off-road? I don’t think so. The lack of a low range gearbox and the over-reliance on electronic gimmickry means the user is very nervous any time adventure beckons



Sunday: the green Lamborghini that has been causing waves all over Nairobi finally got within reach of my two fellow petrolheads-in-arms: The Paji and The Jaw. The Paji even got to drive it. His mini-review is surprising to say the least. They also discovered that nothing, but nothing, can match a Nissan GTR on full attack. Not even a green Lambo…

All in all, a good weekend. A very good weekend. More pics below….







Photo1642 Photo1641 Photo1640 Photo1639 Photo1638 IMG-20150228-WA0002 IMG-20150301-WA0013


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  1. the lambo has looks but is out smarted by the Evo and now the Gtr,i would like to take afew pointers off you jm for posterity mentor me on the automotive front.

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