Fuso launches new truck for booming construction sector

Competition in the heavy commercial truck sector is set to go a notch higher following the launch of the new line of Fuso FJ Tipper trucks in Kenya. Speaking during the official launch in Nairobi, the Simba Colt Motors executive director, Dinesh Kotecha, said Fuso Trucks are designed to address the growth potential shifting to developing markets in African countries.

“Kenya and the East Africa region is experiencing tremendous growth, especially in construction and mining, and players in this sectors need reliable trucks that are globally benchmarked for greater fuel efficiency, lower maintenance, longer life, and greater reliability,” said Mr Kotecha.


Kenya is the first export market in which Fuso has launched its new truck line following the start of production in May this year at the new Fuso Plant in Chennai, India. Prior to its launch, the FJ Tipper was put through vigorous testing locally in different towns across Kenya.

Data indicate that sales of heavy commercial vehicles still account for 26.8 per cent of the market share and it is believed that construction projects in the region will fuel sales in the heavier segments in coming days.

According to Mr Kotecha, the FJ Tipper will give a better service interval that is over 300 per cent better than what is already in the market, meaning that ownership cost is still cheaper than the competition. The FJ Tipper will retail at a showroom price of Sh8 milion and will come fully loaded.

“While our pricing may be slightly higher than what is currently available in the market, there is no doubt that the eventual cost of ownership and maintenance is way more affordable than any other brand in the market,” said Mr Kotecha. “What this means is that while the current tippers will require service at intervals of 5,000km, the FJ Tipper will require service after every 15,000km and will still give the owner two more years of service than any other Tipper in the market” added Mr Kotecha.

More powerful, fuel-efficient engine: The direct injection 205kW diesel engine combines higher output and flat torque, making this the engine to choose for power-hungry applications. Unit fuel injectors and higher boost pressure on the turbocharger ensure complete burning of fuel, reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. The oil-lubricated fuel pumps reduce wear, increasing durability.

Nine-speed transmission with crawler gear: The nine-speed transmission with crawler gear provides the flexibility required to negotiate complex terrain in off-road applications.

Not just for driving, power take-off (PTO): Transmission power take-off to supply power to other equipment is a standard feature of FJ trucks designed for construction and mining applications.

Comfortable cabin reduces driver fatigue: Three-way adjustable seats and tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel allow the driver to choose an optimum driving posture. The extended day cab includes a fold-down bunk and an air blower (or optional air conditioning) and rear windows.

Suspensions with enhanced functionality: Multi-leaf rear suspensions have more and thicker leaves for longer life and heavier loads.

Anti-roll bars for greater safety: Anti-roll bars increase vehicle stability. Both front and rear anti-roll bars are standard equipment of FJ trucks for construction and mining applications.

Extra-rugged for longer life and heavier loads: The thicker, deeper long members in the FJ chassis are designed to last longer and support heavier loads. The longer, thicker bulges in the cross members add additional strength. Both are shot-peened and powder coated to increase surface strength and prevent corrosion.

Differential lock prevents getting bogged down: The differential lock overcomes one-wheel spinning and makes trucks easier to operate in slushy or bogged down conditions

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