Are lifesavers required by law?

Hi Baraza

I am a frequent reader and a big fan of your column, which I find both educative and humorous. Now, recently I was stopped by a traffic policeman. He checked my licence, which was in order, the insurance was also okay, and I thought all was well because I had also buckled up.

Then he asked me “Wapi lifesaver?” And the truth is, I did not have one. What happened is a story to be told another day. My question is, does the law require one to have those gadgets in the vehicle?


I can only hope that you are not writing to me from inside a police cell. The hardest lessons in life are those that we do not forget easily, or soon. You have my sympathies for discovering this the hard way.

Yes, it is now a legal requirement to have lifesaver triangles in your car, along with a fire extinguisher.

This was a law that was gazetted not too long ago and I will tell you from experience that the upholders of the law have been fastidious in upholding this particular one.

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