Ranting Against Motorsports

Last Thursday “members” of the “motorsports fraternity” were “invited” at Nairobi’s go-kart track; not for a race but to air their views as far as motorsports in the country is concerned. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend, even though I am a member of the motorsports fraternity; and with good reason. I spent the afternoon thinking about […]

Bite The Dust! A Volkswagen Road Trip

[Edit: this is the abridged version of my narrative on what was one of the most epic road trips of my life. The complete, unedited version will be availed elsewhere, in a forthcoming book] Owners’ clubs are strange entities; but it depends on what owners’ club we are discussing. Some clubs are inactive. Others are […]

Drama in the auto industry

There is such a thing as overthinking things. I have accused myself of it here before but clearly, I have a long way to go in overthinking if I’m to catch up with the drivetrain engineers over at Rolls-Royce. There is a car called a Rolls-Royce Wraith, and this is how its automatic gearbox works: […]

The VW Amarok is in a class of its own

Commercial vehicles are boring. It is hard to spruce up a lorry within taste or reason, or to make a van look attractive beyond considerations like carrying capacity and fuel consumption. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying. The results are diverse, limited and often impractical outright. For instance, we have things like a Ford […]