How to buy a second-hand car

Investment! Investment! Investment! Our parents drummed the importance of this monster into our heads so much that we almost ran out of brain. I, for one, was weaned on the line: “A fool and his money are soon parted (or audited)”. Well, the more aspirational among us sometimes dream of playing the fool and parting […]

The need for speed: Debunking the myths

We are told repeatedly that speed kills, but speed does not kill. Hard acceleration might, and so will losing that speed instantaneously, but speed itself will not. Those who disagree, please account for the existence of supersonic aircraft and the 430 km/h Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Couple that wrongful notion with the fact that Kenya […]

Try a tiptronic before you die

You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Says who? In the world of motor vehicle transmissions lately, there have been several attempts at both possessing and munching one’s gateau by having the lazy convenience of a full automatic and the option of performance-enhancing, DIY gearshifts when the need arises. This type of transmission […]

How to drive a 4WD monster

Given that you now know how your 4WD works, how, then, do you drive it? A typical SUV should drive just like any other car on the road. But what happens when the going gets sticky, quite literally, and the unbeaten path you chose to follow becomes intractable — and you are forced to use […]

Under the big 4WD’s bonnet

Once upon a time, off-road driving was a favourite and much respected pastime for Kenyans. Lovingly referred to as “bundu-bashing” by pundits, a good number dismissed it as the preserve of the well-to-do — which it was — but that did not make it any less fascinating. Over time, economic complications and crowded lifestyles have […]

Manual vs automatic: What’s the best deal?

Much has been said about which is the more superior transmission in a car: manual or automatic. Just to confuse things, there has been an infusion of fence-sitting pretenders, like semi-automatic, Tiptronic, sequential manual and the weird CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), which fall in the wide gap between fully manual and fully automatic power trains. […]