Is the Toyota Avensis a fuel guzzler?

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I am regular reader of your column and appreciate the work you are doing. Kudos. Well, I am importing Toyota Avensis for my wife. It is a 2006 model with 2400cc. However a friend tells me it is a fuel guzzler. What is its consumption? Can Toyota Kenya service it and are spares readily available?

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The next time somebody tells you a car is thirsty, more so a small saloon from Toyota, ask them not to stop talking, to please go on and explain credibly how they arrived at that conclusion.

The Avensis is not thirsty. If they claim it is, I do not know what they will say about things like Mark X’s or Lexus LS430, which are also saloons from Toyota.

Expect up to 15 kpl on the highway, depending on the engine size, whether or not there is direct injection, and type of fuel. City use would hover in the 8-10 kpl range; again depending on where in the city you are driving.

Toyota Kenya can service the vehicle. Whether or not they actually will is entirely up to them: apparently some local franchises eschew vehicles bought off-shore or that were not previously from them. Toyota Kenya, hopefully, is not one of them.



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