Ranting Against Motorsports

Last Thursday “members” of the “motorsports fraternity” were “invited” at Nairobi’s go-kart track; not for a race but to air their views as far as motorsports in the country is concerned. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend, even though I am a member of the motorsports fraternity; and with good reason. I spent the afternoon thinking about […]

Bite The Dust! A Volkswagen Road Trip

[Edit: this is the abridged version of my narrative on what was one of the most epic road trips of my life. The complete, unedited version will be availed elsewhere, in a forthcoming book] Owners’ clubs are strange entities; but it depends on what owners’ club we are discussing. Some clubs are inactive. Others are […]

Drama in the auto industry

There is such a thing as overthinking things. I have accused myself of it here before but clearly, I have a long way to go in overthinking if I’m to catch up with the drivetrain engineers over at Rolls-Royce. There is a car called a Rolls-Royce Wraith, and this is how its automatic gearbox works: […]

City Girl Feedback…

The content below is a published response to City Girl’s Subaru fiasco by Baraza JM – Enjoy. Blue boxer boys and biased bloggers: This is a clarification and a disclaimer. I do not know any female bloggers, much less any who have underlying and/or unresolved issues with drivers of blue Subarus. I did not train, […]